Priya Krishnamoorthy

A purpose-led ecosystem builder supporting India's artisan-producers and early stage enterprises play a more active role in sustainable production and consumption by bridging gaps in knowledge, resources and partnerships
💫 Your brief bio
I am a team-oriented storyteller, systems thinker and strategist who is passionate about bringing creativity in conversation with sustainable development. In the last 15 years, I have worked in diverse capacities within the creative economy - Journalism, Broadcast, Arts & Culture, Social Impact. I am always curious about innovative models of fundraising, sustainability (particularly in the hand-worker economy), and regenerative business models. My work and my values have been informed by my travels, my time spent in the outdoors, and the many conversations had with people and communities in India and around the world. When I am not talking shop, I love bringing people together over food and finding ways to remain a student.
Early StageCommunity-Led
Mumbai, India
India Standard Time (GMT+5:30)
😁 Fun fact
On a backpacking trip to Iran, I was told by a well-meaning Iranian gentleman that Indians must be very emotional people because we watch so many soap operas. Do you agree?
E2C Vision
We have recently pivoted to supporting only enterprises in the artisan economy. My current vision for my E2C includes: - Bringing the entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to co-create the first of its kind-curriculum supporting first-time, impact entrepreneurs focused on artisan-led sustainable production - Building out a strong community where people and enterprises take ownership to build a "by enterprises for enterprises" network.
Community description
So far, our community consists of volunteers from all walks of life interested in supporting the artisan sector in India. We also have a growing community of homegrown enterprises whom we support and who champion our work.
India's artisan ecosystem has immense potential for growth and innovation. However, entrepreneurs in this economy are passion driven and not looking for a quick exit or building impossibly scalable models. This sector is already a hot-bed for impact but has not found the relevant support for growth and scalability. The Exit to Community model is perfect for this space and thus I am keen we explore this at the very beginning of our model creation at 200 Million Artisans.
Time in operation
6-12 months
I would like to put in place a pitch-deck that captures our value proposition of building an ecosystem for impact enterprises focused on artisan-led sustainable production and potentially have it vetted by the E2C community / mentors.
E2C journey so far
So far, here are few insights that I have been deeply valuable to me: - E2C is a new way of thinking. Therefore, we will not have all answers at the very outset. - Thinking of governance, values, structures and ways to bring in revenue are extremely important and need to be thought through at the very outset. - The E2C community is a safe space for people from all walks of life and skill-sets and thus this sense of inclusion needs to be nurtured. - The culture building is equally important when we are trying create a community of our own. This means our communities will take time to unlearn and we need to be patient during this process.
E2C journey ahead
For our E2C journey ahead, we are keen to articulate our value proposition to funders and supporters. We are also keen to map out the diverse pieces of the puzzle because our model is not linear. It has many moving parts since we are building an ecosystem.