Nicole d'Avis

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A creator-to-consumer music licensing platform on blockchain by and for students, a project of Berklee's Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship in collaboration with MIT.
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Nicole d’Avis is the Managing Director of Berklee’s Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship and leads the Open Music Initiative, a 300+ music industry member consortium focused on streamlining metadata and payment tracking for artists. Nicole has led the formation of the Open Music Initiative into a member-supported non profit organization, and is a co-founder of RAIDAR, the Berklee / MIT blockchain-based music licensing platform. Nicole’s speaking engagements include the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos at the MIT Connection Science / Forbes Imagination in Action, the Unclaimed Royalties Symposium at the U.S. Library of Congress, Beatvyne Music x Tech Conference in Dublin, and the American Film Market conference. She has co-hosted the Pro>Sessions series with The Recording Academy, and has been interviewed for iZotope's Headroom Podcast as well as the Spot Lyte On Podcast. For the last 15 years, Nicole’s work has straddled the intersection of technology, creativity, value and education, working with thousands of young creators and makers globally to use emerging technology and the arts as tools for social justice and career sovereignty.
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Boston, MA, USA
😁 Fun fact
My kids. . . when they're not driving me nuts.
E2C Vision
A working music licensing platform that exists, with student organization assembled around, that is sustainably part of Berklee, and that students and others join when they become part of Berklee, with clear longevity and sustainability built in, governed by students and Berklee together, potentially with blockchain/tokenization built into some of this to support with governance and participation.
Time in operation
Identify one part, whether organizational, legal or financial, that we want to focus on formalizing as community-based and owned, and then work on that. Right now any or every part of those could be worked on, and so it's a bit hard to choose.
E2C journey so far
How much our young leaders already know and understand within our organization, and how many other types of funding structures there are out there. And, how much more prevalent these community-based structures are.
E2C journey ahead
When the right time might be to actually formalize some of these structures as far as governance, legal and financial, especially because we are legally/financially under a larger academic non-profit institution (Berklee). This is on top of having real financial and logistical challenges in the building and sustaining the business on a day to day.