Michael Brennan

DPN is a state-level movement policy infrastructure that aims to support the rising tide of movement politicians and campaigns sweeping statehouses across the US.
💫 Your brief bio
I'm an agender white 23 year old raised in New Jersey and based in Washington D.C. My fundamental goal is decarbonizing the US economy by 2030.
Washington, DC
Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:00
E2C Vision
By the end of 2021, we will have a fully operational support structure for state-level idea leaders, legislators, staffers, organizers, and storytellers to build movements together around a shared mission of deepening democracy. Those most affected by state-level policy choices will have the means to organize campaigns around changing them.
As a network organization, DPN's potential can be unlocked when it becomes distributed and truly co-created by movement legislators, activists, and experts, rather than led by a small founder/staff group. This transition would ideally be a type of E2C where the policy agenda and programming can happen as self-organized modules with DPN as a support hub.
Time in operation
I want to present to DPN's leadership an E2C strategic plan by the end of the year — how we go from where we're at to the vision
E2C journey so far
DPN's Policy Committee has instituted a new "Policy Circles" system where volunteer Policy Organizers join together in peer circles around shared issue areas to be in community with one another, provide peer support and feedback as each work through their project, and establish a prefigurative body for eventual shared governance of the organization. 6 circles launched in mid-November.
E2C journey ahead
How to move from current start up phase to scaled and funded operations to an exit to community — if the vision is a genuinely democratic policy organization, how do we build a democratic culture on the way there? How do we secure long-term funding partnerships that can provide modular funding to policy projects as they emerge?