May-Li Khoe

As social interactions are increasingly online, people need digital spaces to gather and build connections in truly humane and joyful ways: spaces untainted by twisted incentives like surveillance capitalism; that bend and shift with the intricacies of human gathering and expression; that embody care, safety, and accessibility, especially for the most vulnerable. We are prioritizing educators, organizers, artists, aunties, friends – people who, throughout human history, have brought us together out of care. MakeSpace is building this and teaching as we learn, with content and community building—to share strategies for building humane technology.
💫 Your brief bio
May-Li is an interdisciplinary artist-researcher-designer-inventor who combines invention with cultural practices, bright colors, faces-on-things, and glitter. She most recently served as VP of Design at Khan Academy. Before that, she worked on new technologies at Apple. She also DJs, dances, and cultivates joyful ways to subvert the status quo.
Early Stage
San Francisco, CA
Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:00
😁 Fun fact
When I grow up, I want to be a literary writer.
E2C Vision
In the next year, MakeSpace is set up as a fully funded legal entity or entities, and has a launched product that people are happily using and paying for. Our partners are cocreating with us. Both partners and workers understand and have real structure set up to hold the company accountable, and understand and are super excited about how they are benefitting from it.
Time in operation
I am urgently trying to figure out entity structure and funding.
E2C journey so far
Frankly what I know so far has been mostly through this course. What I most have to share is from past experience as a VP of Design on the executive team of a nonprofit and as a designer.
E2C journey ahead
I am urgently trying to figure out entity structure and funding. Tied to that, I need founder and contributor incentives. And of course, how to structure governance and accountability to partners and target customers, particularly in education and organizing.