Mark Graves

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A software startup making scientific research accessible to everyone.
💫 Your brief bio
I am a scientist that likes helping people.
EstablishedEarly StagePreparing to Exit
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:00
😁 Fun fact
I had a mohawk
E2C Vision
I would like a large group of interested parties to all sign up so that they then all get access to the code before March 19, 2021
Ultimately, this type of exit reduces the likelihood of creating our own competitor and splitting the market as we grow. We are a category creator, which has been part of the problem in terms of sales. Once we become a standard, we can become a universal standard by aligning incentives. This ultimately serves the mission of the organization.
Time in operation
Yes, I want to figure out the path to a successful Security Token Offering. To that end, I am glad I connected with Karla today and learned more about their company. I hope that we can end up with MyIRE as a DAO.
E2C journey so far
There are people out there that think like me. This is a huge sense of relief to know that I am not crazy. It is a huge sense of relief to hear other people think similarly to me and differently than the mainstream.
E2C journey ahead
We have everything we need in order to have a successful Security Token Offering as a mechanism for funding our E2C. We have a useful, necessary product with reputable, newsworthy customers. Our technology is robust and our sales pipeline is substantial. We have secured exceptional regulatory experts to help us navigate the complexities of the offering. We need help to gain the momentum needed to raise $50M, which is very possible and which would make MyIRE sustainable for the forseeable future. We are currently raising $1.6M and I have been told by multiple people that we could raise more and demand a high valuation with our current situation. I need help figuring out how to actualize what everyone else sees in MyIRE.