Kevin Straszburger

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I'm from France initially [Lyon exactly] and used to live across the world this past decade [almost, I set up on 4 continents so far]. I'm one of the happy founder behind Krak - where our mission is to make the world a huge playground for skateboarders.
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Lisbon, Portugal
Greenwich Mean Time GMT 0:00
๐Ÿ˜ Fun fact
I participated in an Intellectual Fight when I was in Berlin - we call this: Chessboxing :)
E2C Vision
This is a community thing, we want it to outlive us. We want to convert the whole thing into a co-op. Timeframe: we're currently stabilizing our business model; the idea is to secure the whole year of 2021 at least [cash wise]. Then we'd love to execute that transition [from Delaware Inc. to co-op] by the end of 2021.
We decided to convert the company into a co-op because we're convinced more than ever that this is what the skateboarding community needs the most to strive long-term.
Time in operation
Today I focus on: - finding external financial resources [hence a question I asked about Start Coop for instance] - closing business deals to make sure our model is sustainable [which implied some tech development on our end + the need to simplify our offer & messaging - not there yet, this is a work-in-progress]
E2C journey so far
Ampled is by far my #1 resource.
E2C journey ahead
I'm exploring financing options. We need to re-capitalize the company to be able to support such a move [popular lawyer in the US told us we should expect a $25k cost].