Karla Cordoba Brenes

A methodology and software for complementary currencies on blockchain.
💫 Your brief bio
hola! my name is Karla Córdoba-Brenes (she-her) cofounder of www.cambiatus.com an open source tool to create your own complementary currency on blockchain. We have a methodology + webapp, active communities in Costa Rica, Brazil and Spain, +1250 users and a wonderful remote team. We call ourselves Satisfied Vagabonds, we love to do purposeful work towards planet regeneration and have fun in beautiful places (specially if they are close to the beach) and Cambiatus is our first product. I'm from Costa Rica, love gardening and playing ukelele, avid learner, passionate facilitator and you can find more about me and other ways to connect here https://about.me/muguika Key topics I currently love to talk about: new types of money, DAOs, governance, muldimensional wealth, decision making based on values, complementary currencies. Currently learning about system dynamics, probability management and AI.
Preparing to ExitEstablishedProfitable
San José, Costa Rica
Central Standard Time GMT-6:00
E2C Vision
Cambiatus transitioning its current structure to become a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) by 2023 (sorry, I didn't attend session 2!)
Community description
We have 9 Partner networks in the process of building or codesigning their social currencies with Cambiatus. Of those, 3 are active. This is people/organizations looking to create impact, connect communities and explore new economic structures.
It is our aim to become a regenDAO (regenerative decentralized autonomous organization) which will allow the continuous improvement and evolution of Cambiatus, as long as its community requires it., and without the need of us (cofounders) being in charge.
Time in operation
2-5 years
I think the key is to find the right words to explain our e2c
E2C journey so far
Legal entities and jurisdictions that work best with our DAO vision... a SAFT (simple agreement for future tokens) and first draft of our tokenomics/governance
E2C journey ahead
Legal and financial vehicles we can use, instead of the SAFT or complementary to it. How to better communicate the e2c strategy and the fact that our users/clients are not only that, but members of Cambiatus, and investors at the same time.