Jensine Larsen

World Pulse is an independent, women-led social network that is connecting women leaders worldwide to speed up global change. We provide a supportive, protected online space where 74,000 women from 190 countries are connecting, gaining digital leadership skills, and exchanging stories and resources, impacting 17.4 people in their communities. We are currently a nonprofit social enterprise registered in US.
💫 Your brief bio
Jensine (Yen-See-Nah) Larsen is an award-winning digital impact entrepreneur, international journalist, and expert on technology to strengthen global women’s power. She is the founder of World Pulse, an independent, women-powered global social network connecting tens of thousands of women from 190 countries and bringing them a greater global voice. Through World Pulse women leaders are impacting over 17.4 million lives by building global movements, launching businesses, changing policies, and transforming harmful cultural practices.
EstablishedPreparing to ExitCommunity-Led
Portland, OR, USA
Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:00
😁 Fun fact
I was once struck by lightening!
E2C Vision
Building a governance structure similar to a global parliament of women, that is inclusive and representative of the population of women globally. Various levels of decision-making tied to various levels of online community leadership, global advocacy campaigns, annual strategy, technology roadmap, etc. The goal is an independent global communication platform and community that is community led and owned by some of the most under-represented women leaders. Building revenue models that help redistribute wealth and build revenue for engaged members. It's starting now, see this transformation as a 3 year process culminating in my succession & exit to community.
Community description
World Pulse is an independent, women-led social network for social change. We provide a safe, supportive online space where women’s voices are rising from the ground up to make a difference. On World Pulse, women and allies are logging on from more than 190 countries and exchanging stories and resources to grow their impact. These digital connections have enabled our members to launch new social movements, businesses, and initiatives - impacting the lives of 17.4 million people in their communities. Our community leadership is awe-inspiring. Long time members are trusted elders who have nurtured a spirit of cross-cultural support and psychological safety. Yet, new, diverse leaders are rising up every day. Our feminine community culture is sacred and we have many avenues for community celebration, input, participation, and feedback loops. Our community has a pulse of its own. What makes it come alive is that after a new member logs on, we’ve developed an online pathway to nurture her on her leadership journey. Through World Pulse, the more you raise your voice, encourage others and share resources, the more impact you make. We celebrate our most transformational members with special leadership roles and badges. One of the most simple, yet powerful roles in our community are the Encouragers who ensure that every voice is heard and every post receives multiple comments.
It's always been the founding dream - to be truly owned and powered by a vast global network of women. I believe a worldwide web of women leaders connected via technology can radically accelerate our pace to gender equity and global sustainability. Oh and transform the tech industry while we are at it. PS - Love that you use airtable, we enjoy it mucho at World Pulse
Time in operation
5 years or more
Yes, my goal is to present in Feb to our global stakeholders (community, board, staff, advisors) various scenarios for transitioning to cooperative structure / founding new cooperative entity, and facilitate a decision. In the meantime, building stronger internal, inclusive participatory and decision-making structures to strengthen the transition.
E2C journey so far
I've figured out how to build truly engaged, loyal online community that leads to measurable social impact. I've figured out nonprofit funding strategies with foundation, major donors, and corps. I've figured out how to build participatory structures, and build strong circle structures including a global board, advisory network, global voice council, and leadership team.
E2C journey ahead
Detailed experience, or knowledge of models building multi-stakeholder participatory operational systems and structures - from board, staff, advisors, online community. Communicating complex org structures and online community to funders, and also exploring for-profit cooperative arms of World Pulse, so knowledge of what is possible translating World Pulse in the for-profit space