Bonnie Chiu

Lensational Is A Global Movement Empowering Underrepresented Women To Tell Their Own Story And Advocate For Themselves Through Media Training.
💫 Your brief bio
Founder of Lensational
Community-LedEstablishedPreparing to ExitProfitable
London, UK
Greenwich Mean Time GMT 0:00
😁 Fun fact
I love cats but don't have any so would love to see them on Zoom room
E2C Vision
Relief. Timeframe is next 6-12 months. Achievements would be that the community becomes vibrant again with activities from all across the world
Community description
Our community is marginalised women and girls across 23 countries in Asia and Africa, but most active in Hong Kong, Ghana and Kenya. They receive free photography and storytelling training from us, and we provide platforms to sell and showcase their works. For photos sold through Lensational, 50% of revenue goes back to the participants and 50% goes back to us.
Time in operation
To do what I need in order to be a responsible founder. I know that I want to transition out but I can't impose my own will on what's best for the organisation and the community.
E2C journey so far
I think I tend to philosophise and actually there are small steps I can take to test the idea.
E2C journey ahead
Does our community really want to be in control? Am I imposing this idea on them?