Ariel Beery

CoVelocity works with healthcare technology manufacturers to commercialize their lifesaving solutions to global markets. CoVelocity does this through its commercialization platform: a shared marketing, sales, and distribution infrastructure driven by deep expertise in global markets. By building a shared commercial platform, CoVelocity enables medical technologies to reach global markets to address inequity and drive better health outcomes.
💫 Your brief bio
Dedicated to solving problems facing humanity with sustainable and scalable solutions, Ariel Beery co-founded and led 3 social ventures over the past two decades: CoVelocity (accelerating market entry for COVID19 Healthtech solutions to reach those most in need), MobileODT (AI-powered enhanced visual assessment system for cervical cancer scaled to more than 42 countries), and the PresenTense Group (a franchise network of social venture accelerators that has helped launch over 1000 startups). He teaches university courses on social entrepreneurship, leads workshops and panels on the intersection of technology and society around the world, and is a devoted fan of science fiction to keep his eyes on the future. He is the proud father of 3 and holds a B.A in Economics and Political Science from Columbia University, a MPA (Masters in Public Administration) from New York University (NYU) in Management, and an MA from NYU in Jewish Studies.
Zikhron Ya'akov, Israel
Eastern African Time GMT +3:00
😁 Fun fact
My three kids are each exactly 4 years apart.
E2C Vision
To ease adoption of digital health technologies and increase sales velocity, CoVelocity proposes to form a cooperative owned by digital health manufacturers whose purpose is to package a more comprehensive offering of the digital health stack for healthcare providers.
Time in operation
My goal for participating in E2C is to get the practical underpinnings of a platform cooperative so that I can use those pieces to explain to potential members why it is worth joining.
E2C journey so far
I'm learning about the differences in the structure of capital and control in cooperatives as opposed to 'traditional' startups
E2C journey ahead
Legal, bylaws, share ownership, dividend distribution -- all of the practical issues that seem to have yet to be addressed and I am looking forward to learning from existing case studies.