Angeline Gragasin

An annual event that celebrates the Asian diaspora through food art, and education in NYC.
💫 Your brief bio
Angeline Gragasin is a writer, filmmaker, and artist, and the Co-Founder and Director of Happy Family Night Market.
Early StageCommunity-Led
Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:00
😁 Fun fact
I used to be a clown! 🤡
E2C Vision
My goal is to transform this project into an equitable and sustainable community-owned and managed organization within the next 2 years. I hope to complete the transition from a fiscally-sponsored single member LLC (owned by me) to a multi-stakeholder cooperative by 2023.
Community description
I estimate our community to be around 4000 individuals strong. So far, the most effective tools for activating the community apart from attending the annual festival, have been our open calls for participants and contributors on social media. The community consists of festival alums, past attendees, past institutional and corporate partners, and potential contributors / participants / alums / fans.
Cooperative ownership and management seems more in alignment with my mission and values than traditional for- or non-profit structures. It also seems more equitable, sustainable, and resilient.
Time in operation
2-5 years
My goal at the end of this program is to be able to articulate WHAT my cooperative vision is in as much detail as possible—and, more importantly, WHY it is a good idea—to my community, in plain language. I want to be able to lead my community toward informed consent so I can (1) mobilize them to become steward-owners of the project and (2) make my exit knowing I have done everything within my power to create an equitable and sustainable social enterprise in alignment with my mission and values.
E2C journey so far
Participating in E2C has inspired and empowered me to continue on the path to cooperative ownership, knowing that I have access to people and resources to help guide me in my journey. I have already gained more clarity and insight around the different options available as far as re-structuring and re-capitalizing my business to prepare for my own exit strategy. I am also starting to develop a sense of priorities and a concrete timeline, whereas previously I wasn't sure what to do and in what order.
E2C journey ahead
I'm still trying to figure out how to design an equitable and inclusive board selection process, as I plan to run an open call for nominations for board members for my future cooperative. I also need to figure out what my own terms are for when I feel ready to hand over the reigns and invite the community to buy me out and gain majority ownership of the company.
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