Aletta Steynberg

A creator-to-consumer music licensing platform on blockchain by and for students, based at the Berklee School of Music, in collaboration with MIT.
💫 Your brief bio
I am a musician and technology geek - focusing on audience engagement through the innovative merging of performance practices and modern tech. Through competing on the international stage and conducting chamber groups and symphony orchestras, I have a personal understanding of audience attention and engagement. I have an avid interest in how audio guidance systems could be used to improve virtual interaction. I was privileged to have my most recent research published by the top journal in the field. I excel in leading teams in innovative practices. Currently, I am the Student team leader of RAIDAR music tech startup - which I have built up from 3 students to spanning across both Berklee campuses, including both creative, law, and marketing departments, both in the US and abroad. New tech, can often seem hard to access with high barriers of entry. To give back to the community, I lead The Public VR Lab with Brookline Interactive Group in Brookline MA, where we are the first virtual reality lab focussed on engaging the community in content creation, publication, and research. At heart, I am a composer - epic orchestral scores are my forte. I apply my skills through creating music for immersive media installations and extended reality experiences that serve a cause. My goal in life is to change the perception of entertainment – not as a tool to burn time or passively stare at a screen but to show the beauty of the world's people through art; to connect communities across the globe through the power of music and storytelling.
Early StagePreparing to Exit
Johannesburg, South Africa
Eastern European Time GMT+2:00
😁 Fun fact
Yesterday, my baby horse was covered in mud from playing around in the puddles
E2C Vision
I see RAIDAR owned and run by the Berklee student body with guiding structures and methods of governance clearly laid out so RAIDAR can be sustainable, can continue to offer paths of growth to students while maintaining our current values of being an artist centric community, to empower artists to know their rights, own their data and connect with their audience to create sustainable careers.
Time in operation
By the end of this cohort, I will be graduating from Berklee, which means we need to initiate our E2C, in the next month. We have already begun to set structures in place, but it is slow going, and takes a lot of conversation back and forth before we are able to start to envision how E2C will look for us.
E2C journey so far
The most important concept I learnt is that it is important to be transparent with your community - that very often the restriction of knowledge, whether on purpose or not, shifts power away from the community.
E2C journey ahead
I am trying to figure out how to provide a structure where our community of students can easily join, and gain sufficient knowledge of RAIDAR to be confident in contributing. In addition, we're trying to figure out how leaders in RAIDAR will be elected, for how long they would run and whether it would be beneficial to have groups of leaders rather than one person leading a division - eg. Marketing, Law & Management, Biz Dev, & Development (on both campuses).