What is a collective governance?

Those of us looking to shape our enterprises with methods for collective governance and shared ownership are led to ask: What can collective governance look like? What shape does that take? What are some of the challenges and freedoms presented in this model? We spoke with several cooperative-minded experts who offered their insight into these questions, as part of a collaboration with the Action Network, a nonprofit online mobilization platform whose team is seeking to further democratize its operations. Here are a few takeaways from our discussion: - Clarity: Facilitate strong and clear communication around your offerings and core values. - Trust: Build trust within your organization to increase loyalty and engagement among members and core partners. - Collaborative effort for collective success: Understand that people respond differently to different kinds of communication. - Use your users: In any early stage of a startup or software project, the best test group for your product is your members; give room for critical feedback as a chance to listen, learn, and improve.