A new exit strategy for the startups we love


⛅️ Why E2C?

We believe businesses need an exit strategy with long-term benefits for all: an Exit to Community.

Most startups aim for an "exit” like getting acquired or going public, but these ownership transitions often pit startup founders and investors against the health of their community. We're enabling a new option, an Exit to Community β€” a path for startups to become owned and controlled by users, workers, and stakeholders who value and depend on the startup. With E2C, the businesses become a way to advance economic justice as a commons, not a commodity for investors to buy and sell. We created this site to help make E2C a more viable option for the startups we love.

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E2C is a project of MEDLab ****at the University of Colorado Boulder and Zebras Unite, with support in 2020 from Basecamp, One Project, and Open Society Foundations, who are not responsible for the content. We created this site for you, dear visitor, in collaboration with Valentine Erokhin of Optemization, with illustrations by Sita Magnuson of Dpict. Thanks for coming by, and don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list!

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