“We need new stories & potential paths and this is one I am excited about.”
Sarah Drinkwater, Omidyar Network
"[E2C] explores ways to help startups transition investor-owned to community ownership, which could include users, customers, workers or some combination of all stakeholders."
Megan Rose Dickey, TechCrunch
“This is an alternate type of liquidity event, where instead of exiting by getting acquired or going public, a startup’s founders sell their company to the people who value it most...This could turn into a worker’s co-op, or something a little more heterogeneous — it all depends.”
Mae Rice, Built In
"E2C draws on ideas around community ownership that go back to the New Deal of the Roosevelt administration. That was a response to the depression and dustbowl of the 1930s; now, with the world again facing a transformative crisis in the shape of COVID-19, shared ownership is climbing back up the agenda, with communities turning to mutual aid and equity crowdfunding"
Miles Hadfield, Co-op News
“A potential blueprint for how to prioritize sustainability and profitability while exploring alternative financing models for startups"
Cherie Hu, Water and Music
The optimal governance structure for early-stage projects is founder dictatorship. The optimal governance structure for mature projects has large user/stakeholder involvement. "Exit to community" continues to be underrated as a way to get both.
Vitalik Buterin