Service providers

Alternative Ownership Advisors
Supports steward ownership business structures.
Center for Community Ownership
"provides legal, financial and strategic expertise to communities that want to start and save essential local businesses"
Cutting Edge Capital
legal, consulting, financing
Specializes in equity crowdfunding and other capital access strategies for social enterprises
Jason Wiener|p.c.
Law firm specializing on cooperative business, financing, and social enterprise. Pioneering in innovative co-op structures and blockchain.
Purpose Foundation
consulting, financing
Organization advancing new models for "steward ownership"
Shared Capital Cooperative
consulting, financing
Lender for cooperatives that is itself a cooperative. Available for exploratory conversations for businesses exploring conversion to cooperative ownership and governance.
Sustainable Economies Law Center
Nonprofit legal organization supporting the solidarity economy
Upside Down Consulting
legal, consulting
Consultancy focused on worker ownership conversions and racial justice.
Zebras Unite
Cooperative of founders supporting community-oriented ownership structures and financing models.
National Trust for Local News
financing, consulting
Supports transitions of local news organizations to sustainable ownership
Metagovernance Project
consulting, governance
Software development and consulting for democratic online governance.