Online governance tools

There is a growing number of tools out there that can help communities co-govern online.


Loomio - A forum platform developed by a worker co-op based on the practices of the Occupy movement. Encourages groups to move their discussions toward decisions. But doesn't specify what, for your group, counts as a decision, or the structure of the organization. Might pair well with CommunityRule.

Discourse - Self-hostable forum software often used for governance in DAOs and other self-organized communities.

Open Collective - Financial and legal hosting for online communities, providing high levels of transparency in the sources and uses of a group's money. Enables supporters to make recurring payments.

Decidim - Designed to support the city government of Barcelona, but is increasingly being used as a platform for petitions, decision-making, and participatory budgeting in civil society groups.

CommunityRule - An experimental app for authoring and publishing simply bylaws documents.

Metagov prototype - An experimental tool enabling user-defined governance processes that integrate with widely used platforms, such as Discourse, Slack, and Open Collective.


An academic exploration of the problem and lack of online governance tools:

A good overview of tools focused on civic contexts, like empowering citizens in a city to participate in government processes. Some of this can work for organizational contexts as well.

Call for more democratic governance in social media from the blog of the app Aether: