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Key takeaways

Are you ready, willing, and able to present your E2C strategy in the Dec. 8 public showcase?

Read details below and if you can answer Yes, add your name!💘

The purpose of our Dec. 8 showcase is for you to get feedback and support for your E2C.

1) Who's the audience?

We're inviting everyone from the MEDLab and ZU community who has attended past E2C webinars – 60% cofounders & entrepreneurs, 15% investors, 10% researchers and students, and the rest a mix of allies. We're also inviting all of the presenters and mentors who've been part of this community over the past year, too.

To help you get valuable feedback from attendees, we're instruct everyone to respond in two ways:

  • 1) Asking clarifying you questions to understand better, and
  • 2) Offering ideas, resources, connections, etc.

2) What's the event setup?

We're using Crowdcast to facilitate dynamic open Q&A and record the event.

You'll have 3min for your presentation – but, aim for 2min

You can use slides, even if just one (visuals help you stand out!)

3) How should I organize my presentation?

Here are key elements to include:

  • Who is your community?
  • What does your project/startup offer?
  • Why are you pursuing an exit to community? Tell people about your vision and reasons for shifting ownership and changing power dynamics in your project/startup and community
  • How are you pursuing an E2C? What's your E2C strategy? Tell people your timeframe, approach/next steps, and first big milestone
  • Be sure to include your contact info!

Finally, for reference, here are a few key items from the past few weeks:

Any clarifying questions or ideas?

Contact Danny or Sheeza in Slack, or email us at e2c@zebrasunite.com

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