Info session
Sep 23, 2020
Orientation and Q&A
First meet & greet to talk about business operations challenges
Defining Tensions in E2C
Oct 13, 2020
Name tensions we see inherent in our work, draft "Points of Alignment"
Breakouts to discuss our tensions and beliefs
Developing an E2C Vision
Oct 20, 2020
CommunitySkills & Capacity
Identify the work we're here to do, develop vision and communication
Micro-training on visioning an E2C before we've experienced it; barn-raiser with Austin Robey from Ampled
Evaluating Transition Options
Oct 27, 2020
Skills & Capacity
Evaluating options and readiness for an ownership transition
Barn-raiser about what we need to feel seen. Micro-training with Hilary Abel from Project Equity about ownership transitions and readiness factors.
Following Community Leadership
Nov 3, 2020
Skills & Capacity
Following community leadership in the context of capitalism
Micro-training with Camille Kerr from ChiFresh on how to build working class power and racial justice with people are trying to start, fund, and grow a business for economic justice
Accessing Aligned Capital
Nov 10, 2020
Skills & Capacity
Financing the transition when incentives aren’t aligned
Micro-training with Astrid Scholz of Zebras Unite and Camille Canon of Purpose on how to access capital that makes sense for you and your community
Adaptive Legal Structures
Nov 17, 2020
Skills & Capacity
Creating flexible legal structures that can adapt over time
Micro-training with Lauren Ruffin, Co-CEO at the arts & culture support org Fractured Atlas, Jason Wiener of jason wiener p.c. and Yev Muchnik of Launch Legal on how to identify the right legal structure for your enterprise while trying to balance community ownership and how to transition into a new structure
Accountable Relationships
Nov 24, 2020
Skills & Capacity
Forming accountable business relationships with new co-owners
Micro-training on how to structure community ownership for lean business operations and greater economic gains.
The Buyer's Perspective
Dec 1, 2020
Skills & Capacity
We're excited to have Priya Parrish of Impact Engine and Joseph Cureton of Obran Co-op presenting on their work buying out firms on behalf of workers. They’ll help you get the buyer’s perspective and will answer questions to help you prepare for conversations with your community.
Dec 8, 2020
Skills & CapacityCommunity
Showing our work and preparing for what's next
A public showcase to share what participants have accomplished so far and what they hope to achieve in 2021. Join us on Dec. 8, 9–10:30am Pacific Time/ 6–7.30pm Central Europe Time!
🌟 Showcase signup